_our faculty

Kim Sato


Kim founded the SOULdiers Company in 2006 and is proud to see that it has grown into an established reputable street dance company in Vancouver’s dance community. She feels so lucky that she gets to share her love and passion for the hip hop and funk-styles culture with this audition-based, semi-professional dance company. The dream is to one day make it the official “school of hip hop”.

Cristina Bucci

Assistant Director

Cristina Bucci is a Vancouver based dancer, choreographer and teacher whom has had the pleasure to work with The SOULdiers Dance Company for the past three years.
She is currently a part of the urban dance company, Project Soul and teaches at Harbour Dance Centre and throughout the lower mainland.

Cristina also works as a nutritionist and has developed seminars that are specific to the needs of dancers. Her hopes are to educate dancers on the importance of proper nutrition for a successful dance career! 

Dean Placzek

Bboying Instructor

Dean has been studying the art of breaking/bboying for the last 9 years.  He has devoted this time to developing his skill and artistry within the dance as well as furthering his knowledge of the mentality and approach of the dance and culture of Hip Hop.  Always a student of the dance, Dean has learned from and competed against some of the best in the breaking community, and has become known for his creativity, originality, concepts and flow.

Thaiyo Seo

Bboying Instructor

B-boy Thaiyo is a world-famous b-boy hailing from South Korea. His crew, “Last For One”, came from a small town outside of Seoul, and made a big splash in the mid 2000’s. Most notably, winning the International Battle of the Year 2005 in Germany. Thaiyo’s crew was highlighted in the feature film “Planet B-boy”, that followed the story of each crew that went to Battle of the Year 2005. Thaiyo’s style is based off of his belief that a well-rounded b-boy is a good b-boy. He combines style, power, and foundation to create his dance, and passes it on to his students with great enthusiasm. 

Jesse Kim

Popping Instructor

Jesse Kim has been dancing since 2005. Although Popping is his main style of dance, he has studied many other styles, such as break dancing, ballet, salsa, house, hip hop, locking etc. He has gone on to win the World of Dance Vancouver All-Style Category in 2011, and 2012. Traveling to different places around the world, he tries to stay a humble student and learn as much as he can from others who are brining both new and old things to the table.


Hip Hop Instructor

Koffi “Le Kraken” is a dancer specialised in Hip hop, House and Dance Hall

Koffi has always lived in an environment where music and dance have played an integral part. He started with Togolese folk dance (African dancing) aged 4, later performing in many stage presentations in France and Europe until the age of 15.
His youth was immersed in African dancing which led to him becoming influenced in many ways, sculpting his passion for rhythm and feeling in dance. 10 years ago, he decided to go to New York to perfect his technique and knowledge of hip hop and house. From that point on, he practiced hip hop for a period of 5 years before starting House.

He trained and practiced in France and Europe before making the move to Vancouver 2 years ago. Ever since his arrival in Vancouver, he has taken an active role in the hip hop dance scene, by teaching at various renowned locations, involved both as a judge during dance battles and taking part himself.
His dance style is a mixture of all his experiences where rhythm, music, feeling and groove are ever present.”

Jeri Chien

Hip Hop Instructor

Jeri Chien, aka Hao2 from the Now Or Never Crew. Started spreading his love of street dance as a bboy in 2002. He then got hooked into the culture and rhythm of hip hop in 2008 and has taken home the title of champion 9 times in hip hop dance competitions for the past 5 years including 1st place in the hip hop division of “The Last One Stands 2011″as It is one of the biggest dance battles in Canada also the Vancouver Street Dance Fest 2013,With been the judge of many competition and several music video and TV appearances, Jeri was the choreographer for NON crew at “Battle Of The Year 2008″ in Germany, also part of the “2010 Winter Olympic Closing Ceremony” as a main stage dancer. With the attitude of always being a student and the hunger of knowledge in life through hip hop, Jeri is always ready to share and inspire the youth of tomorrow with the real 4 elements of hip hop: Peace, Love, Unity and having Fun.


Yoshi Hisanaga

Hip Hop Instructor

Yoshi is a versatile and innovative Hiphop dancer/ bboy who values the integrity of Hip Hop culture and Hip Hop dance. Yoshi is a passionate teacher who believes in sharing his knowledge to whomever interested in the art form.
He focuses on hip-hop basics and fundamentals, the important hiphop steps, grooves and rhythm. His passion and dedication to the art can be seen performing or battling with his crews Over the Influence and Rhythm Recall. He is an award winning choreographer who specializes in a unique and abstract blend of hip-hop and break dancing. He also embraces the competitive element of hiphop. He represented Canada at the Hiphop International Championships in the summer of 2007 in L.A and 2008 in Vegas. He is also the recent winner of the World of Dance Vancouver Hiphop battle.